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Standard Based Report Card

"I've got to say that I have benefited greatly from brief relationship with SmartEdu."

NEW! Introducing SmartEDU's highly anticipated SmartCalendar. This dynamic application allows your school or district to manage an online calendar. Events can be entered directly by administrator(s)/editor(s) or can be suggested by a viewer through the "Suggest an Event" function. Events are color-coded and a scrolling message feature allows you to display urgent messages to your calendar viewers.

To see how SmartCalendar can be a powerful tool for your school district, try it out!

TSS is the cost effective software solution used for tracking technology problems and equipment inventories. This system improves efficiency by allowing computer users in your district to report and find solutions to many technology system problems through a friendly online environment. TSS features four customizable levels of password-protected functions for reporting, tracking and responding to technology problems, viewing and printing reports, and inputting and updating equipment inventory data. Likewise, TSS reduces the need for highly trained technology personnel by allowing existing staff to use their time in the most efficient manner.

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